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A 25-year-old program like Q&A cannot be 'tweaked,' 'patched' or 'upgraded' to run reliably if at all on today's computers.

Your databases will accumulate unseen corruption until they begin to produce errors and eventually freeze. And they might not be recoverable.

Or, you'll buy a new computer only to find that Q&A will not install or run on it.

Microsoft support for Windows XP ended in 2014. No more MS security updates.

We strongly advise getting out of Q&A while the getting's good before catastrophic data loss occurs or you can't access your files.

Nobody knows Q&A and your migration options like we do. We'll perform your migration with care, 100% data integrity, no data re-entry, no down time and no learning issues for you or your people.

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Gallery of Recent Q&A Database Conversions

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