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A 25-year-old DOS program like Q&A cannot be tweaked, patched or upgraded to run safely and reliably on today's computers and networks.

Q&A databases accumulate corruption over time. They begin displaying puzzling error messages, some features no longer work and certain records can't be accessed. Eventually, the database won't open at all and might not be recoverable*. (Q&A's Recover feature does not remove accumulated corruption or fix damaged records.)

We've seen this countless times in recent years. It isn't a question of whether a database will fail but when it will fail. Failure can be sudden and without warning.

(Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP.
 No more Microsoft security updates.)

We advise moving out of Q&A proactively before a breakdown creates an emergency situation.

Nobody knows Q&A and your migration options like we do. We'll perform your conversion with care, 100% data fidelity, no data re-entry, no down time and no learning issues for you or your people.

And we'll gladly put you in touch with any of our Q&A conversion clients for a reference.

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