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The last version of Symantec's Q&A for DOS  was 5.0 in 1995. Two years later, the company no longer sold or supported the product.

We became the primary Q&A support source.

A decades-old 16-bit program like Q&A cannot be tweaked or patched to run reliably on today's 32- & 64-bit computers and networks.

Q&A might seem to be working fine. But under the hood the databases accumulate corruption until one day they fail to open.

DOS emulators, virtual machines, aging printers, old PC's, DOS-era networks (Ethernet, NetWare) and other extreme measures to accommodate Q&A are problematic as well.

Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP
No more Microsoft security updates

It isn't a question of whether a Q&A system will break down, but when.

Why risk your data when you can safely migrate out of Q&A on your own terms?

Nobody knows Q&A and your migration options like we do. We'll perform your conversion with expert care and guarantee 100% data, design, reports, merge document and programming retention with no data re-entry, down time or learning issues for you or your people.

And we'll gladly put you in touch with any of our Q&A conversion clients for a reference.


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We've worked with Q&A since 1988,
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system migrations over the years
involving 1,000's of databases

We convert Q&A for DOS 3.0, 4.0, 5.0

and Q&A for Windows databases

We can recover damaged Q&A databases

We migrate Q&A data to most any format

We convert Q&A documents to MS Word

We convert most all DOS era documents

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